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Mar 30
Executive Committee supports move for extensive use of technology to deliver CCLEC’s program
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 09:06


The CCLEC Executive Committee recently met in Bermuda to discuss, amongst other things, its work program and the formalization of cooperation between its members through the establishment of a treaty. The Executive Committee which consists of Anguilla, Bermuda (Chair), BVI, Dominican Republic , France, Jamaica, Montserrat, Netherlands, St Lucia, St Kitts, St Vincent and UK meets three times a year to review and approve the work program of the Secretariat.

High on CCLEC’s work program is the use of electronic technologies for training, facilitation and enforcement. During the next few months CCLEC will launch its own e-learning platform for a number of Customs training and plans are in train for the upgrade of SailClear, an electronic system which allows yacht persons to provide Customs with arrival notification. The upgrade will allow clearance for pre approved users to enter a country (where the system is operating) without having to go through the traditional process of clearing Customs and Immigration.

CCLEC is thankful for Bermuda’s unwavering support to the organization and the tremendous hospitality extended to delegates during the meeting.

The next meeting of the Committee will be held in March 2015.

Caribbean IT System Assists in £40 Million Cocaine Seizure
Monday, 10 November 2014 09:22
A yacht carrying around £40million of cocaine headed for the UK has been seized after a dramatic chase off the Caribbean island of Martinique.
The vessel - SY Hygeia of Halsa - was boarded by French customs and two men from Jersey have been arrested after officers discovered around 250kg of the Class A drug.
It followed an investigation involving the Metropolitan Police, their French counterparts and officials from the National Crime Agency (NCA)

handout_photo_issA yacht carrying around £40million of cocaine headed for the UK has been seized after a dramatic chase off the Caribbean island of Martinique.The vessel - SY Hygeia of Halsa - was boarded by French customs and two men from Jersey have been arrested after officers discovered around 250kg of the Class A drug.It followed an investigation involving the Metropolitan Police, their French counterparts and officials from the National Crime Agency (NCA)

They had been following a London-based organised crime group, with connections to the Caribbean, suspected of being involved in the large-scale importation of class A drugs. 

Officers accosted the UK-registered ship off the island of Martinique on Monday as it began a transatlantic crossing.

'Our investigation into the organised crime network involved in this attempt continues.' 

Detective Superintendent Neil Thompson said: 'It is clear that the drugs recovered would have been distributed throughout the streets of London and beyond, generating further criminality and fuelling gang activity.

'If you deal in drugs in any scale we will find you, we will arrest you, and you will face the consequences of your actions.'

This is the second significant seizure of Class A drugs on a sailing vessel destined for the UK in recent weeks.

Two months ago, around a tonne of cocaine was seized by the Irish Naval Service acting on information supplied by the NCA.


Source: UK Mail Online


SailClear Featured at Annapolis Boat Show
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 00:00

showDuring October 9th – 13th   the Organization of Eastern Caribbean states (OECS) and CCLEC participated as a collective unit at the 45th United States sail boat show held at City Dock Annapolis, Maryland. The Annapolis boat show is the largest and longest running boat show in the United stated and features the largest collection of sailboats and catamaran exhibits and attracts more than more than 50,000 boating enthusiasts from around the world.

 CCLEC  provided overall support for all countries in promoting the use of SailClear in individual territories. The theme for the regions participation in the show was ‘SailClear – Many Islands, One Caribbean’.

This stage provided CCLEC and SailClear with maximum visibility and publicity and raised the awareness of the system. During the course of the show, it is estimated that the East Caribbean Village as it was called, engaged with over 20,000 persons. Additionally CCLEC was able to create 236 new sailClear accounts from persons who expressed an interest in visiting the region.

The general feedback was overwhelming; yachts persons are excited about SailClear and the prospect of having a hassle free and facilitated experience as they arrive at port.

The boat show opportunity was also profited to create meaningful partnerships with key persons in the industry in individual countries. Some of these were representatives from the ministries of tourism, charter companies and marina owners. It is encouraging that SailClear even while in its infancy has been adopted and promoted as the flagship of the region in yacht passenger processing. This is an enviable position which CCLEC is set to capitalize on.

CCLEC re-introduces its Executive Diploma in Customs Management
Thursday, 21 August 2014 15:48

graduationFollowing the deferment of the previous Customs Management Program, CCLEC is re-introducing the Program in partnership with the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES) and Charles Sturt University (CSU), a national Australian university. 

The Executive Diploma is offered to CCLEC member administrations with the objective of availing staff with an opportunity to obtain an academic qualification specializing in Customs. It has been developed by CCES, Charles Sturt University, in conjunction with CCLEC to meet the training and education requirements of CCLEC members and is compliant with the WCO PICARD competency requirements. Successful completion of the course will also provide advanced standing for further academic study in this area of Border Management offered by CSU.

The specific goals of the course are:

  • To establish a learning culture at the frontline and operational level within the CCLEC member administrations
  • To provide operational staff the opportunity to obtain a tertiary qualification related to Customs competencies locally within their own working environments
  • To provide operational – frontline staff the opportunity to obtain a tertiary qualification that is articulated into an accredited academic qualification in the field of border management
  • To build operational capacity within CCLEC member administrations


The course is scheduled to commence in January 2015. For more details please refer to the brochure .

Registration is now OPEN

Permanent Secretary of CCLEC attends WCO 2014 Council Sessionin Brussels
Monday, 18 August 2014 12:02

wco_meetingThe 2014 WCO Council Session took place during the week of June 26th followed by a Revenue Conference. In attendance were nine members from the CCLEC region as well as the CCLEC PS, who attended both meetings as an observer.

The meeting saw the re-appointment of the current Deputy Secretary General for another five-year term and a number of changes to the Vice Chairs for the various regions. Mexico replaced Uruguay as the Vice Chair for the Caribbean region while the Dominican Republic was appointed to the Audit Committee. The new Vice Chair has reassured the PS of his office’s commitment to work closely with CCLEC and to continue to provide the necessary support to the region.

In an effort to increase participation and visibility of the Caribbean region at these meetings, the PS together with the representative from Jamaica Customs, met with the Deputy Secretary General to discuss a number of initiatives for the region and as a result a Caribbean Donor Conference and some workshops and training will be considered for the near future. 

The Revenue Conference, which was a critical workshop for the region in light of the reduction of revenue, was poorly attended by the Caribbean region save for Jamaica. The conference was held over two days and a number of interesting experiences were shared in addition to some of the WCO tools for combatting revenue fraud and some academic papers on commercial fraud.


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