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Training for Middle Management
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 08:45

Middle_management_gcmTraining is the most important contribution that CCLEC makes to this region as it strives to bring about greater harmonisation and unity of purpose within the Customs family of the Caribbean.

Over the years management training has been identified as a critical area for regional Customs administrations and to assist with this need, CCLEC has embarked on three initiatives to help improve leadership qualities and management competencies within Customs namely: Middle Management Training, Customs Management Training with Canberra University and the proposed Master Program with La Havre University.

These training initiatives are part of the efforts by CCLEC to support the Customs Renewal programme which is consistent with the CCLEC strategic training mission in promoting capacity building initiative including human resource management and development programmes for the benefit of member administrations.

CCLEC in collaboration with the UK and USA has recently completed a module for the middle management program.  The program which is a practical training seeks to enhance the performance of customs managers to cope with the ever increasing number of global and economic challenges.

Authorized Economic Operators’ (AEO) Workshop
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 00:00

A two day workshop was held in St Lucia from 21-22 September 2009 to develop the implementation plan for the AEO program in St Lucia.  The AEO is a component of the WCO Framework of Standards for Customs.  Under the AEO program Customs will provide benefits to businesses that meet minimal supply chain security standards and best practices.

The workshop which was organized by the CCLEC in conjunction with the WCO, St Lucia Customs and the US Department of Commerce, brought together members of the St Lucia private sector and Customs as well as a representative from Jamaica Customs, to flesh out and plan a suitable AEO program while taking into consideration the local environment.

There was overwhelming support from the private sector for the program as they considered it as a significant step in assisting the business community and they welcomed the proposal for Customs to facilitate bona fide traders. It was agreed that a pilot program will run with a small group of companies before the program is offered to other eligible traders.  A timeframe for the program was developed and Customs will lead the program in close consultation with members of an AEO private sector consultative group soon to be established.

The CCLEC will run three pilots in the region which will assist in designing a regional roadmap for wider implementation of the program in the region.  The Secretariat intends to work closely with St Lucia Customs during the implementation phase of the pilot.

Caribbean Maritime Law Enforcement Conference in St Martin FWI
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 00:00



The Caribbean Maritime Law Enforcement Conference was held in St Martin FWI, Beach Plaza Hotel, St. Martin FWI, from 10-11 November 2009. This conference was organized by the French Customs Caribbean Headquarters to conduct the debriefing of the operation Atlantis (International border controls and maritime operation) and to share best practices to fight against smuggling by Go Fast vessels and inter islands freighters.

Thirty (30) participants from thirteen (13) counties and two (2) international organizations (Regional Security System and Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council) were in attendance: Antigua and Barbuda, BVI, Dominica, Grenada, Netherlands Antilles (St Maarten), St Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago as well as Colombia, the United States (USCG and CBP) and Venezuela. The CCLEC was represented by the JIO Operations Manager.

Apart from the debriefing of the last Atlantis operation, the CEN (CCLEC-WCO Customs Enforcement Network including the Joint Intelligence Office) and the Atlantis Club comprising representatives from the Caribbean Coast Guard services (Customs or Police or Military) shared best practices and updated the road map for the Atlantis Club while focusing on four major topics: (1) Exchange of information (2) Training (3) Technical assistance (4) Legal framework.

Note: Draft recommendations of the Seminar are available for download on the CCLEC website

CCLEC partners with the UWI Open and Cave Hill Campuses to Deliver Management Training
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 00:00




It is well recognized that globalisation, market liberalisation, the convergence of information and communications technology, and the ever increasing demand for new and better quality services have impacted heavily on the development of national economies and their abilities to sustain economic competitive advantage.

This phenomenon has placed a greater demand on the role and performance of Customs and Public Service in general. The performance of Customs is now no longer incidental to, but critical in ensuring that government is best placed to achieve its purpose, goals and objectives.

Customs cannot continue to operate in the same archaic way and therefore in order for the Department to function effectively in a highly professional and competitive environment, senior managers must be equipped to manage the department.

CCLEC Management Training Programme
Friday, 27 February 2009 08:57

AustraliaCCLEC Logo

The CCLEC in conjunction with the University Canberra in Australia are in the process of finalizing the Management Training programme for Customs officers in the Caribbean region.

The courses will be delivered online by CCES, supplemented by local tutors trained and certified by CCES. The programme will consist of two components namely: Certificate in Customs Management and Executive Diploma in Customs Management.

The Certificate will include: Managing in the Customs Environment; International Trade Terms; Governance & Integrity; Introduction to Government & the Legislative Process and Introduction to Caribbean Customs & Excise

The Executive Diploma will include: Customs Management I; Revised Kyoto Convention I; Managing Operational Activities; Customs & Excise Audit; Accounting for Managers and Intelligence Management in the CCLEC Region.



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