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Mar 30
Guadeloupe: Nearly 50 kilos of cocaine found in a fish container


DRUG The estimated value for resale of this merchandise, on the European continent, is around 1.7 million euros ...

Guadeloupe customs officers have made a stunning discovery. Saturday night, they seized nearly 50 kilos of cocaine in a container of fish, in the port area of ​​Jarry in Baie-Mahault.

"It was almost a routine check that led to that seizure" said Jean-Damien Moustier, Head of the Caribbean branch of Ocrtis, the Central Office for the Suppression of Illicit Traffic in Narcotics: the drug was concealed in a refrigerated container that had been damaged. As a result of this refrigeration problem, the container, proceeding from Surinam, loaded with frozen fish destined to Belgium, was "diverted" and checked by the Raizet Customs Surveillance Brigade.

"42 packages of cocaine" valued at nearly 1.7 million euros

During this inspection, "42 packages of cocain" were discovered, "approximately 48.5 kilos of product", for an estimated value for resale, on the European continent, of nearly 1.7 million euros . "It's significant," said Jean-Damien Moustier, "even if this happens more often in Martinique than Guadeloupe." The investigation was given to the Ocrtis detachment of Guadeloupe. Many cocain seizures are achieved in the Caribbean, due to the closeness with the three main producers countries, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia. At the beginning of October, some 55 kg of cocaine and 65 kg of marijuana, a total of 120 kg of drugs, had been seized in the Caribbean Sea by the Germinal surveillance frigate of the French Navy in the FWI.

Source: 20 Minutes