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Mar 30
Celebrating International Customs Day 2017


This year International Customs Day is celebrated on January 26th 2017 under the theme “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management’.  The theme is very appropriate given the current climate as it relates to border security.

In most jurisdictions around the globe, Customs is recognized as the key law enforcement agency involved in border protection and although this job may have been onerous in the past, technological advancement offers solutions to enable Customs to execute its duties more effectively and efficiently.

Over a decade ago CCLEC introduced a database in the region to aid with border management.  The Regional Clearance System (RCS) is a maritime system which facilitates pleasure crafts whilst collecting valuable data and statistics for Customs and other border agencies. Effective use of RCS data could mitigate some of the border management problems in the region. As our UK representative, Mr Jeremy Lee, puts it The RCS is, potentially, a powerful and effective tool. From the UK perspective there is no other system like it in the world”.

 Congratulations to all Customs officers, many who will be awarded for their exemplary